SECTION 1.   Local’s Headquarters
The headquarters of the Local is 20833 Southfield Road, Suite 240 Southfield, Michigan 48075.  

SECTION 2.  Local Meetings              
(a) Regular meetings of the Local shall be held on the fourth Thursday of January, April, August and October.
(b) The meetings shall be held at the Local’s Office commencing at 6:30pm. (amended December 2009)

SECTION 3.  Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President, two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, or upon written petition of at least 10% of the membership.  Five (5) days written notice of the specific purpose of the meeting must be given to the membership.  No business other than that specified in the notice shall be discussed.

SECTION 4.  Only members of the Local in good  standing shall be allowed to vote.

SECTION 5.  The regular order of business will be:
                   Roll call of officers.
                   Comments for  the good of the Local

SECTION 6.  A quorum of the Local shall be established when a majority of the Executive Committee is in attendance.  A quorum of any committee shall consist of a majority of the members thereof.

SECTION 7.  All questions before the Local will be decided by a vote of the members present.  First by voice vote, then by a showing of hands if so requested by any member present.

SECTION 8.  The time allowed for debate of any  particular issue before the Local and the time allowed for speeches will be 15 minutes.  The time allowed for debate may be extended by a majority of those present and voting.

SECTION 9.  The general offices of this Local who comprise the Executive Board are as follows:  


SECTION 10.  The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of the duties of that office.  See Local Constitution Article VI.  Sections 3 and 4.

SECTION 11.  In case of vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall fill the office for the unexpired term.  See National Constitution,  Appendix B, Article VIII, Section 4

SECTION 12.  A Sergeant-At-Arms shall be elected by vote of the local membership.  The Sergeant-At-Arms shall ensure that no one enters the meeting without proper authority, assist the presiding officer in the maintenance of order, welcome and introduce guests, see that each member’s presence is recorded in a log, provide a roll call should the recording of individual votes be necessary, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the presiding officer.

SECTION 13.  Nomination of officers shall be held in September of odd numbered years and elections and installation shall be held in October after proper notice to members .  (As amended in November 1995.)  See National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 3.  Candidates shall not run for more than one elected office, however, the running as a delegate shall not be in conflict with an elected officer position.  A runoff election, if necessary, shall be held at the same meeting.

SECTION 14.  An election committee shall be elected by majority vote of Local members present and voting at a meeting preceding the start of the nomination procedure.  See National Constitution, Appendix A, Part I, Section 2.

SECTION 15.  All officers will be administered the “Officers Obligations” contained in the AFGE National Constitution upon their installation in office.

SECTION 16.  The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meeting of the Local, when not inconsistent with the provisions of the standard local constitution, the AFGE National Constitution, or the bylaws.

SECTION 17.  The Local’s delegation to all conventions, meetings, and caucuses shall consist of, in the order set forth in Section 9, the Local’s Executive Board.  If elected,  officers serve by virtue of office.  The Local shall vote upon the authorization of funds for the delegates attendance at any of the aforementioned meetings. (adopted November 1995).

SECTION 18.  Expenditures by the Executive Board in excess of $250 per month must have the prior approval of the Local’s members as either authorized by the budget approved by the Local or by a separate vote of the Local’s members.  (See Local Constitution, Article VIII, Section 3.)  All expenditures authorized by the Executive Board will be reported in writing at the next regular meeting of the Local.  Upon request, a copy of such report will be made available to any member in good standing of the Local.  

SECTION 19.  Such committees as may be established by the Local shall be comprised of members appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Executive Board (except the Election committee) or elected by the Local’s members.  See Section 14 of these bylaws.

SECTION 20.   A Local representative for each office will be elected by vote of the members assigned to that office.  The Local Representative’s term will run for one year.  (amended November 1995).

SECTION 21.  The initiation fee for members shall be $19.50.  See National Constitution, Article XVI, Section 7(a)5 and 7(b )5. (amended December 2009)

SECTION 22.  The dues shall shall be $15.00 per pay period (amended June 2016)
By-Laws  Local 3239.